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Are you an avid motorcycle touring enthusiast looking for the best free touring resources? If so, then you have come to the right place! In this comprehensive overview of free touring resources, we will examine some of the top options available, from websites to blogs and podcasts. With so many options out there, it can be difficult to know which ones to choose. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the most useful and informative free touring resources, so that you can make an educated decision on which ones to use. Read on to learn more about what free touring resources are available and how you can take advantage of them!Motorcycle touring is a great way to explore the open road and make memories that will last a lifetime.

But finding the right resources can be difficult and expensive. Fortunately, there are a number of free touring resources available to riders that can provide invaluable information, advice, and support. One of the most popular types of free touring resources are websites, which can provide a wealth of information about the best routes, places to stay, and other helpful tips. Many of these sites are dedicated to motorcycle touring, while others may offer more general advice about traveling on two wheels.

Some popular examples of websites include TouringRiders.com, MotoTouring.net, and MotoTouringGuide.com. These sites provide detailed information about routes, attractions, and other useful tips for riders looking to explore the open road. Blogs are another great resource for motorcycle riders. Many riders maintain personal blogs which provide detailed accounts of their rides and experiences on the road. These stories can be an invaluable source of information for other riders planning their own trips.

Popular examples include RidingtheRoads.com, RideAmericaBlog.com, and MyRidingJourney.com. Not only do these blogs provide valuable insight into riding experiences, but they can also help riders connect with other riders who have similar interests. Forums are another great way for riders to get advice and tips from other experienced riders. Many forums have dedicated sections where riders can ask questions and get answers from experienced members. Popular forums include ADVRider.com, MotorcycleForum.com, and Ride2Adventure.com.

When using forums, it’s important to make sure that questions are asked in a way that will get the best responses from experienced riders. Podcasts are another great way to stay up-to-date on all things motorcycle touring. Podcasts are regularly updated audio shows that can provide interesting stories, advice, and tips for riders looking to hit the road. Popular podcast series include The MotoTouring Podcast, The Motorcycle Touring Podcast, and The Road Riders Podcast. Listening to these podcasts can be a great way to stay informed and inspired about motorcycle touring.

Safety and preparation

are essential when it comes to motorcycle touring.

Before setting out on any journey, it’s important to make sure that all safety gear is in good condition and that all necessary supplies are packed. Having the right supplies can help make a journey more enjoyable and successful. It’s also important to be familiar with local laws and regulations before setting out on any journey. Knowing local laws can help riders stay safe and avoid any potential legal issues.


Blogs can be a great source of information for motorcycle touring.

They can provide tips, advice, and stories from other riders about their experiences on the road. Many bloggers also offer reviews of gear, apparel, and accessories that can help riders make informed decisions about what to bring on their trips. For example, the Two Wheel Tourists blog is a great source of information about touring with a motorcycle. It features detailed accounts of trips taken around the world, as well as reviews of products and gear.

Another great blog is Bikepacking World, which provides advice on how to plan and execute an extended motorcycle tour. Other blogs that are useful for motorcycle touring include Adventure Rider, Moto Adventures, and Moto Road Trip. These blogs offer a variety of content, ranging from reviews of gear and apparel to detailed accounts of trips taken by their authors. By reading through these blogs, riders can gain valuable insight into what it takes to successfully plan and execute a motorcycle tour.

From tips on where to stay to advice on how to pack, these resources can help riders make the most out of their trips.


Podcasts are a great way to stay informed and inspired while on the road. There are many motorcycle-specific podcasts out there, with topics ranging from touring tips and safety advice to reviews of destinations, routes, and gear. Some podcasts offer interviews with experienced riders, providing insights into their favorite rides and destinations. Others focus on tips and tricks for different types of touring, such as long-distance touring or off-road riding.

Some of the most popular podcasts include “The Motorcycle Adventure Podcast”, which offers interviews with experienced riders and information on routes and destinations; “Touring Tips & Tricks”, which provides tips on how to make the most out of your touring experience; and “The Moto Geared Podcast”, which focuses on gear reviews and advice for motorcycle touring. Podcasts can be a great resource for riders looking to get the most out of their tours. They can provide information on routes, destinations, gear, safety tips, and more. Additionally, they offer a unique perspective on the world of motorcycle touring that can help riders discover new places to explore and gain insight into the experiences of other riders.


Forums are a great resource for motorcycle touring enthusiasts, offering a wealth of information, advice, and support. Forums are typically organized around specific topics or interests, allowing riders to connect with other like-minded people and share their experiences.

Some of the most popular forums for motorcycle touring include Motorcycle Touring Forum, Adventure Rider Forum, and Touring Riders Forum. These forums cover a wide range of topics, from advice on the best routes and camping spots to tips on dealing with adverse weather conditions. They also provide an invaluable opportunity for riders to ask questions and get answers from experienced riders who have been there before. Forums are also a great place to find deals on gear, as well as tips on keeping your bike in top condition.

Many of these forums also offer information about upcoming events and rallies, as well as discussions about the latest news in the world of touring. Additionally, forums are often used as a platform for riders to share stories and photos of their trips, providing an invaluable source of inspiration for future trips. Overall, forums are an invaluable resource for motorcycle touring enthusiasts, providing a wealth of information, advice, and support.


Websites can be a great source of information, advice, and support when it comes to motorcycle touring. They can provide riders with information about roads, destinations, and local events.

They can also offer tips on safe riding, as well as advice on packing and preparing for a trip. One of the most popular websites for motorcycle touring is The Adventure Rider Forum (www.advrider.com). This site is dedicated to motorcycle adventure touring and provides a wealth of information and tips from experienced riders. It also has a vibrant community of riders who are always willing to help out and answer questions.

Another great resource is the Motorcycle Touring Guide (www.motorcycletouringguide.com). This website provides an extensive directory of motorcycle touring routes in the United States, as well as resources such as lodging, camping, and food. It also offers advice on how to plan a trip, as well as safety tips for riding in different areas. The Motorcycle Touring Network (www.motorcycletouringnetwork.org) is another website that provides riders with an array of resources.

It has an interactive map that shows popular routes, as well as a forum where riders can ask questions and get advice from experienced riders. The website also provides resources for planning a trip, such as information on lodging, food, and fuel availability. Finally, the Motorcycle Touring Club (www.motorcycletouringclub.com) is a great resource for those looking to join a club or meet other riders in their area. The site offers an online membership directory, as well as forums and message boards for discussing various topics related to motorcycle touring.

It also provides resources on planning trips, such as route planning and safety tips. Motorcycle touring is an amazing way to explore the open road and make memories that will last a lifetime. With the right resources, riders can make their journeys even more enjoyable and successful. By taking advantage of the free resources available online, such as websites, blogs, forums, and podcasts, riders can find valuable information, advice, and support that will help them stay safe and make the most out of their trips.

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